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Babylon 5: Season 3, Passing Through Gethsemane

Once again the delightful Brother Theo is here, playing chess with Mr. Garibaldi… but the scene that made me laugh out loud was the arrival of Ambassador Kosh’s ship.

You see, I was kicked off the set for the first and only time in four years that day.

What happened was this:
When you do a scene where you cannot see the actual ship (because it will be inserted later with CGI) and no one has shown you a drawing of it or anything, you kind of have to use your imagination… and you have to stare at a guy holding a little flag or piece of paper up where they want you to look; it’s called your “eye-line”… So I was staring at the little piece of paper held by a rather frumpy looking grip and doing my close up and all was fine.

Then came Pat Tallman’s entrance as Lyta Alexander. Pat had to appear as if she were sort of on a people mover like they have in airports; kind of rolling or floating towards me so they came up with a contraption that to me was the single most ridiculous thing I had ever laid eyes on.

Pat was kneeling, yes kneeling in a wagon… Yes a little kid’s type of wagon with a rope on it which was being pulled by the same frumpy grip only now said grip was eating a bagel with one hand and pulling Pat (who was desperately trying to look heroic and stoic) at the same time.

I’m sorry folks; I lost it. I could not stop laughing, take after take after take of wasted film with me laughing until I was crying until finally… Yes, I admit it: I was kicked off of the set and told to “go to my room”…

I am still to this day mortified and embarrassed and yet, I still crack up when I think of how utterly silly she looked kneeling in that wagon and being pulled by a bagel chomping dude who was probably thinking about the football game that night.

This episode was also where I happily heard the famous “Electric bleachers” line from Jerry! Yay! Now I know the context, thank you DVD boxed set!

The creepy story of the black rose killer was very well done with Brother Edward (so well played by Brad Dourif) turning out to have been a murderer and his mind wipe being undone by a renegade Centauri telepath and it coming full circle with the man who then kills him being mind wiped and taking the monk’s cloth! Where does JMS come up with this stuff? In the shower?

Babylon 5: Passing Through Gethsemane

Londo and Lyta have a great scene with her threatening him with a nightmare and Delenn beautifully describes the Minbari belief that “we are the universe”… a very Buddhist approach to things and something I strongly concur with.

We finish with a shot of Lyta growing gills…

…and I thank the Goddess I was not on the set for that scene for I strongly believe that I would have been once again… asked to leave.

Babylon 5: Season 3, A Day in the Strife

finishing disc oneThis was a really chock full episode, the Narns coming to take away G’Kar (I am always impressed when I see the alien makeup on this show, especially G’kar’s chest) Na’Far and Ta’Lon both nicely played. I noticed Richard Biggs’ beautiful future wife strolling though the scene between he and Garibaldi right before he goes to the bathroom to do stims, when he returns he dances with the future Lori Biggs, I wonder if they were already dating by then or if they met right there and then….I have to ask her about that.

Once again I am struck with sadness looking at all of the actors who have passed onto the Rim from this show. What a strange thing to be watching Andreas, Richard , Jeff and everyone else who has passed away, they are so full of life and talent and light in this show….

The conversation Garlibladi has with Franklin about his own alcohol abuse and his concern for Stephen’s stim abuse has so much more meaning to me now, it’s funny to think that I had no experience with abuse at that point in my life when I was on B5….and now it’s all I do; deal with addicts and try to help them and their loved ones…..funny how life worked, out. More than a wee ironic too!
The side story about the alien probe asking us to answer highly advanced questions added some tension and suspense to an already tight episode directed by David Eagle, one of my favorite directors on Babylon 5. I always felt like David “got b5” and had respect for the material and the integrity of the actors, not like the Italian fellow who directed one episode of B5 and had clearly not bothered to watch any of the episodes; the first thing he told me was to “act sexier”, I thought I was going to clobber him right there; Bruce had to stop me from telling him where he could put his “sexiness” notes!
I found myself tearing up a little watching Londo say goodbye to Vir and also when the Narns on the station forced G’Kar to stay on B5 even though their families were at risk, very good scenes about loyalty and friendship an enduring theme is this show.

I think what I took away from being on B5 was just that: Loyalty and Friendship, I will always be loyal to the fans who helped make this show eternal and I have made so many friends on the show and through the show…..A very nice feeling indeed.

Babylon 5: Season 3, Convictions

vejarThe second episode of season 3 starts with me thinking about the guest stars… Patrick Kilpatrick, Cary -Hiroyuki Tagawa… the fellow who played Brother Theo: Louis Turrene, John C. Flinn the 3rd as the obnoxious man telling the story where “Netter syndrome” comes up boy that wa s funny scene… and of course Doug Netter was our executive producer… very funny! John was our Director of photography o course but he had done some acting in his youth so the producers threw him a role here and there, I think he was terrific and Bill played his role with typical Lennier decorum and nobility.

I get a bit sad seeing Jeff Conaway looking so young and healthy… he was a good man with a wonderful smile, a total pro… I miss him.

This is also the first time I hear someone else saying “No boom”… I wonder if that was planned… that guest star-bomber fellow reminds me a lot of John Malcovich… and when he says “no boom” I nearly fell off my chair!

… Another great line in this episode is Londo saying “I will start bleeding from my ears”…can Peter Jurasik be any better??  He is brilliant as Londo and Andreas just chews up the scenery full stop, now I know why people go on and on about their scenes together , they really do have a chemistry that is pure brilliance.


When Lennier gets hurt saving Londo and Delenn I have to admit; I do not recall that in the script…I guess I wasn’t around the set for those med lab scenes where he’s all banged up and in a coma. When Londo tells the lightbulb joke I actually expected Lennier to tell the punch line… I had to wait until later for the outcome of that scene… just as if it was airing for the first time.
Hey, it’s fun seeing this series for the first time! I’m actually getting a kick out of watching us all act and because it’s been so many years, i can’t remember the scripts so I have to wait to see what happens… just like you did the first time you saw B5.

Hmmm, I wonder what happens int he next episode… I’ll have to wait until this weekend to watch it, it’s a 3-day weekend so perhaps I’ll get to watch more than 2!

See you soon!

Babylon 5: Season 3, Episode 1

A few years ago I decided to finally watch a TV series I had starred in called Babylon 5. This series became a cult hit, won Hugo awards and created a fan base for me that I am forever grateful for but the truth of the matter is… I had never watched it. So, I decided to watch it and write about it. I posted it on:

I got through two seasons and then life got in the way and now years later I am back and starting with season 3 (which I hear is very exciting) episode one: “Matters of Honor”

My first impression is that Christopher Franke’s music still rocks and that the CGI looks slightly dated and a little cheesy but not as bad as some fans claim… then again what the hell do I know?

After watching the opening scene with a youthful looking Sheridan (Jeez he does look like he stepped out of an episode of Scarecrow and Mrs. King!) and a flashy-shiny fabric-disco curtain wearing Kosh; I finally “get” the line: “I have always been here”, that fans love to post on my Facebook fan page, ha! This is fun! I’m getting the joke now folks!

Babylon 5 Season 3 Episode 1 screen captureHey, Wait! I’m narrating the opening of the show! I forgot about that… my voice sounds lighter and less deep than it does now, I guess 20 years of living made a difference…

Babylon 5 Season 3 Episode 1 screen captureOkay, Tucker Smallwood is very familiar, I run into him at loads of cons and at coffee shops in Studio City, cool! He’s very good in this episode and so is the very creepy Ed Wasser as Morden or should I say the very handsome Ed Wasser as the very creepy Morden…? So Londo tries to end his secret pact with the shadows and we humans and “nice” aliens realize that the proverbial shyte is going to eventually hit the fan with these nasty Shadows so we form a covert little war council and they allow me to do those scenes with my hair down.

Now I see the scene where Londo is talking about seeing the shadows in his dream and I recall Robin Atkin Downes telling the audience in Galveston recently at a reunion con we did that that was the only scene we ever shot outside! It’s true! They shot that right in the back of the old hot tub factory that was our home. Peter Jurasik stood on a little pile of dirt and tried to look noble yet scared (he did very well at that) and they shot that with actual Sun Valley sky then added little Shadow ships with our ancient CGI techniques from WAY back then… sweet…

Babylon 5 Season 3 Episode 1 screen captureI also noticed the little scene with the alien juggling liquor bottles like Tom Cruise in cocktail, nice touch.

Now, I was pretty shocked to realize that this first episode of season 3 is the first time Ivanova meets Marcus… now you must understand that we (me and Jason) did not know that we would end up unrequited anything, much less lovers, so all of this kind of plays out in”real time” which is very cool…to me at least, not to you experts of B5 😉

Babylon 5 Season 3 Episode 1 screen captureGod we all look so young… look at my freckles!

The Year is 2260 and I am now sort of hooked on this show…

Stay tuned for “Convictions” next!

Claudia’s Memorabilia & Charity Auction on eBay!

Claudia is cleaning house and is going through tons of her personal history right now.  She’s putting a bunch of her very own TV, film, music, and other memorabilia up for auction on eBay to raise awareness and funds towards a clinical trial for The Sinclair Method (TSM), which she discusses in her forthcoming memoir, Babylon Confidential, due out November 6th.

Check out the below preview video Claudia has put together to tease you with what you might expect to see up for auction. Some items include her very own high-school cheerleader uniform, her personal copy of the script for The Hidden, autographed presskits for Hexed and Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Babylon 5 books, posters, and game cards, Anne Manx audio drama CDs, all sorts of TV and film scripts, music CDs, music videos, video games, trinkets, knick-knacks, Renaissance Faire costumes and accoutrement, and more Claudia-related goodness!

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