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  1. Joe

    I have always thought you are one of the most beautiful women to perform on camera. I first saw you in “Babylon 5”, but also recall seeing you in other series in small parts. After “B5”, I lost track of your career, but certainly am glad that work is still available for you. I have a copy of “Babylon Confidential” and have skimmed through a little of it. What I’ve read is quite engrossing, and as you stated, it’s hard to open up, especially when you’ve been hurt in relationships as much as you have been. I’ve only been married once, it lasted 21 years, and I’ve never found the right person since then. I can’t say I’ve shared the same experiences that you have, but for what it’s worth, I’m glad you’re still alive and kicking sorry asses all the way back to wherever they came from.

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