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 B520thSigned  FranklinTNTsigned PhoenixComicConPoster



For all you Claudia and Babylon 5 fans, we have some fantastic new autographed goodies in the Official Claudia Christian Store.

We have added several autographed scripts, all of which are Claudia’s very own copies.  Some of them include extras like call sheets, additional scenes, different draft versions, artwork, and photos.  These include:

  • lot of 9 scripts from Claudia’s early 1980s TV series, Berrengers
  • a Webster TV episode
  • the Total Security TV series pilot
  • We Got It Made 2-parter
  • a Blacke’s Magic TV episode

TheWomanWhoSinnedScriptBerrengersBestLaidPlains Webster_script





TV Movie scripts just added include:

  • The Woman Who Sinned (a Susan Lucci vehicle)
  • Danielle Steele’s Kaleidoscope (2 versions available)
  • Calendar Girl Murders (a young Sharon Stone vehicle)

Film scripts include: 

  • True Rights (2 versions available with added bonus snapshot photos)
  • A Gnome Name Norm/Upworld (with original artwork)
  • The Dark Backward






For the Babylon 5 fans we have one (1) very rare 1st edition of the Babylon 5 DC Comic (signed by Claudia), one (1) limited edition poster mural and program set from 2013’s Phoenix Comic Con (both signed by Claudia), and one (1) limited edition signed photo of the cast of Babylon 5 taken especially for the 20th Anniversary of B5.  We also have one (1) original TNT post card signed by Richard Biggs, one (1) original TNT post card signed by Peter Jurasik, two (2) different collectible trading cards signed by Julie Caitlin Brown, and one (1) collectible trading card signed by Walter Koenig. 

Plus, we have a  SUPER MEGA RARE photo of The B Five, signed by Peter, Claudia, Mira Furlan, Bill Mumy, and Andreas Katsulas.

We’ve got lots more goodies available too as well as loads more to add so be sure to check the store often!  And remember that all proceeds go to support the C Three Foundation.

Claudia to film “Runestone” in Oregon

Posted by Claudia on her Official Facebook Fan Page.

Next month I’m travelling to beautiful Oregon to begin shooting a new project from Road’s End Films called “Runestone“. I get to play a tough viking lady named Fritha and I’m really looking forward to it. PLEASE go “like” their page so you can receive news and behind-the-scenes updates from the set!

RunestoneHere is a brief description of the show…

“It is the end of the 9th Century. Determined to find his missing son who has not been seen since leaving on a voyage of discovery years earlier, and intrigued by rumors of new lands rich with resources, a Viking lord gathers his countrymen and sails three massive longboats into unknown waters.

A sudden and unexpectedly powerful storm at sea blows the ships adrift. Two of the boats take on heavy damage and disappear from sight, but the lead boat survives and makes landfall in a lush new world. The Vikings are so taken with their good fortune that they do not see the people hidden in the brush and trees, watching them from high above the shore. Vikings or not, how will they deal with an indigenous population that is more than a match for them in strength and cunning, and who far outnumber them?

Thus begins a journey of adventure, mystery, conflict, and drama.”

Claudia on Castle!

Sorry for the late warning folks, but Claudia appeared on this weeks’ episode of ABC’s hit detective series, “Castle,” with Nathan Fillon (Castle) and Stana Katic (Beckett).  Here are a couple of screen captures and the official synopsis of the episode.


Ep621 Law & Boarder
A mystery figure on a motorcycle chases down a young skateboarder in the dark streets. BANG! BANG! The motorcyclist shoots the skateboarder. The victim is 21-year-old Logan Moore. He was a pro skateboarder who was in town for the New York Streets Sports Festival. Castle and Beckett discover that another pro, Manny Castro, had a beef with Logan. He was caught on tape threatening the victim after he caught him ransacking the festival office. Logan was looking for something that he swore was a matter of life and death. It looks as though he was right. Screen capture from Castle
Tommy Fulton, the festival CEO, says the only thing missing from his office after a break-in is his gun. He also says that Logan had received a call from someone in his past that upset him. The victim also received calls from a club run by the Albanian mob. Logan had been staying at the loft of a trust fund kid named Ross De Koning. The two of them used to skate together. Ross says Logan’s mom dated an Albanian named Enver Kotta. The kid helped send this bad man to prison. Enver swore he’d get even one day.
Castle5Enver admits he met with Logan only to make amends. He gave him $3,000 so Logan could take care of something before it was too late. Logan was seen carrying a heavy black duffle bag before he was killed. He put it in his gym locker. The bag contains rock climbing gear, a gun and tools for picking locks. Logan also bought an old high-8 camcorder. Video footage shows a motocross rider named Carter Wexland as the one who entered Logan’s gym. The guy has a record and a motorcycle just like the one used by the killer.Carter says Logan hired him to help break into an office. This was all about making things right for a friend who had died. The building Logan broke into belongs to a lawyer named Brett Zaretsky, who says a thief never broke in to his place even though all indications seem to indicate that’s not the case. The attorney is covering up something.

Castle4Castle and Beckett meet with Logan’s incarcerated mother. She says a scrawny boy from the neighborhood named Jay Dixon was killed in an accident six years ago. Logan may have been seeking justice for this young kid’s murder. He bought the camcorder to view footage that was shot the day Jay was killed. The team finds a piece of the tape. It shows Tommy Fulton threatening to kill Logan if he ever told anyone what happened to Jay. Brett Zaretsky represents the guy. Tommy Fulton fires him. He wants to tell Becket and Castle exactly what happened.

Tommy reveals that he was making skateboarding videos with Logan, Jay and his friend, DK, six years ago. Things got out of hand during the shoot. DK snapped and killed Jay. He made a deal to give Tommy $5 million to keep quiet. It was in a trust fund he’d be able to access on his 21st birthday. The DK in question is Ross De Koning. Case closed.

Castle3Castle stayed up all night trying to beat Beckett at a game of Scrabble. He hates to lose. He challenges Beckett to another game where she spells out the word “quixotic” for the win. In other news, Lanie is going to be Beckett’s Maid of Honor. Both Esposito and Ryan believe they would best man to be, well, Castle’s best man. They start sucking up to the groom-to-be before deciding to be co-best men. Too bad Castle already asked Alexis to stand by his side. As for the Scrabble rematch, that’s not happening. Castle and Beckett opt to play strip poker instead. Everybody wins!