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The Art of Babylon 5, Saturday, August 2nd in Los Angeles

Revisit Babylon 5 this Saturday evening with a panel discussion Babylon 5’s Art Department! Creator J. Michael Straczynski and stars Claudia Christian AND Mira Furlan will also be in attendance.

From the American Cinematheque website:

The Art of “Babylon 5”

Sat, August 2, 2014 • 7:30pm • Egyptian Theater

Members of the iconic sci-fi show’s art department reunite to discuss how they were able to design 110 episodes over five years and six TV movies, while keeping the sets fresh, exciting and, well, out of this world. Two episodes will screen, introduced by series star Claudia Christian.

Join Claudia, J. Michale Straczynski (The Great Maker), John Iacovelli (Production Designer), Mark-Louis Walters (Art Director), Roland Rosenkranz (Art Director), Alan Kobayashi (Graphic Artist), and other B5 cast and crew members.  Special guests include Ann Bruice (Costume Designer) and Dark Hoffman (Propmaster/Props Concept Artist).

Claudia will be introducing JMS to the audience as well as emceeing.  John Iacovelli will moderate.  Two Babylon 5 episodes, “The Coming of Shadows,” which won the respected HUGO Award, and “Severed Dreams,” which was nominated for an Art Directors Guild award, will be viewed.  There will also be a panel discussion throughout and Q & A session.

Babylon 5, Season 2

Babylon 5, Season 2

Photos from Babylon 5’s 20th Anniversary at Phoenix Comicon

Personal photos of Claudia and her fellow Babylon 5 colleagues at the Phoenix Comicon, May 2013.

Pre-Order Babylon Confidential and help promote “Red Fury,” a Babylon 5 novelette

Babylon Confidential: A Memoir of Love, Sex & Addiction” is at #18,950 on Amazon.com and we’re working hard to get it into Top #100 before November 6th!  We need to fire things up and get some more pre-orders so Morgan (Grant Buchanan) and I are doing what we do best – writing something awesome!  Here is the cover to “Red Fury,” a Babylon 5 novelette of about 10,000 words that we will share with you for free if we can get “Babylon Confidential” into the Top #100!

Red Fury novelette cover“Red Fury” follows on from Joe’s (Straczynski) story, “Hidden Agendas,” and features an enraged Ivanova as captain of her own ship, this time on a mission to single-handedly wipe out the Psi Corp after they ambush her with shadow tech destroyers!

Let’s aim to get “Babylon Confidential” under the #5,000 mark for starters and we’ll post the first scene which features Mr. Garibaldi and contains clues about part the red Vorlon ship plays in the story!