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Claudia stars with Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years) in “The Wrong Woman”

On the set of "The Wrong Woman" with Danica McKellar and Claudia Christian

On the set of “The Wrong Woman” with Danica McKellar

Claudia has been cast in a leading role in a new feature film with Danica McKellar (Winnie from “The Wonder Years). “The Wrong Woman” will be executive produced by Elaine J. Constantine, Richard Lott, and Jen Willis, produced by John Constantine and Michael Amato, and directed by Richard Gabai.

Claudia will play “Officer Ritts,” a “rather stern looking policewoman [who] is a seasoned, unflappable cop who processes Ellen (Danica McKellar) into the system at the police station booking area. Officer Ritts later stuns Ellen by telling her that her bail is set at $500,000.”